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Why use a Foreign Exchange Specialist         

Most people buying a property in Spain will need to transfer a substantial amount of money to a Spanish bank account to complete the purchase. In the past your only option was to arrange this through your own UK bank. Bearing in mind that clearing banks make large profits from their foreign exchange business alone, do you think you always get the best rate? Specialists in Foreign Currency will offer competitive rates of exchange unrivalled by clearing banks, ultimately saving you money.


How is this possible

They contact the Foreign Exchange market night and day and quote an up to the second exchange rate. Many institutions quote the rate for the day or even the week. This means that they ultimately have to quote a poor rate to you to ensure that they do not fall far off negative market fluctuations.


Solutions for individuals - buying a property abroad

We believe in making the whole foreign exchange process easy to understand and simple to do. Whether you're buying a property overseas for investment, retirement or holidays, make sure that you don't forget about the importance of foreign exchange.


See how Currencies Direct can help...

Increasing your spending power.  Because we deal directly with the currency markets we can offer exchange rates that the banks find hard to beat. These great rates mean that you get more for your money, increasing your spending power abroad Saving you money. We want to make sure that you get the best deal you can so that's why we offer all our clients free transfers no commission. Plus, Currencies Direct does not charge lifting/receiving fees on transfers. Tailored to your circumstances. As a specialist foreign exchange provider we are able to offer a number of product choices including spot deals, forward contracts and limit orders. Which one is right for you will depend on your circumstances, foreign currency needs and timing. To find out more about these options currencies direct enquiry form.


Please note: That British buyers can still purchase Spanish Properties by Certified U.K. Bank bankers drafts,contact us for details.



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